Why Is It Important To Learn From The Classroom

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PHILOSOPHY Every learner brings unique skills, abilities, and experiences which affect their perspective of the processes of learning in the classroom. These factors should be taken into consideration when planning lessons, units, and the environmental setting portrayed by the teacher within the classroom. I believe students acquire knowledge best when they are given the opportunity to make decisions, create goals, express ideas and share opinions comfortably among their peers. Learners also need to be given real audience and purpose to their assignments so they can relate their learning to their lives outside the classroom. Various techniques can
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More than like this praise should be done at the front of the classroom so that it can be used as modelling at the same time. Other students would also want to be praised so by modelling it in front of the classroom might set their mind to do so.
Family praise call: Call the family via telephone or identify them through staff meeting and praise the child efforts and achievements. By involving the family increases the impact and the child would be supported to continue his/her actions to continue being praised.
Positive Written Comments: Positive comments on student’s assignments motivate students to keep putting the extra effort.
Weekly/ Daily Award: Students can be rewarded weekly or daily for efforts that they put out. Students can be rewarded for successfully doing assignments, portraying positive behaviour, showing improvement or class participation.
Bulletin Boards: The awarded student work can be place on display on the bulletin board. This gives the child a feeling a personal achievement having his/her work displayed.
Time burner: Students should be given the opportunity to choose an activity when they are successfully finished with an assignment and time is still

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