The Concepts Of Teaching: My Philosophy Of Education

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Philosophy of Education paper
Character is defined as the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual. Teaching, unlike any other profession, requires character. I think it goes deeper than that though, and when broken down, there are key ingredients of what makes a good teacher. What does it mean, “To be a good teacher”? What does it take for someone to make a difference while still educating the populace? Students need to be shown how to be successful not only in their work, but in their life. Think upon a cookbook for a moment. This item does not just supply a list of ingredients, for how are you to know what to do with them? Rather it supplies the ingredients needed, along with the application and limitations of how to create
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Telling rubbish from reason, having power over the inner world, and having the ability to be good (the latter I think being the most effecting) is what Mitchell said makes up a good educator/student. It is true that having the capacity to withstand listening to nonsense, and having self-control, are important qualities to have. But one of the most crucial things a person can strive to gain, is the ability to be good. In my opinion, this is the third ingredient that makes up a good educator. We teach students this ability for a craft, meaning that teachers conceive the idea of educating as an "art", or an activity in which the educator can give expression to a student’s moral values, beliefs, and intellectual interests. The “craft” metaphor can also compare teaching to cooking a cuisine. When gazing upon the ingredients, the chef organizes a menu, works with the groceries and kitchen utensils, and in what appears to be a simple transition from raw materials to a mouthwatering feast. Not to be overlooked, however, is how during the process, the chef will oftentimes make subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle adjustments to the ingredients as environmental conditions intervene and threaten to turn one 's food into a disaster. Like a chef, genuinely good teachers similarly have a "feel" about what they need to do if they are to translate their pedagogical intentions (make adjustments to their …show more content…
But what does it really mean to be happy? Everyone holds their own, independent views on what they wished the world, and themselves, looked like. Educators try to teach learners the value of learning, but what is the true value? For me, a remarkable education is one that leads me down new paths towards opportunities I would not have been granted otherwise. It teaches an individual how to follow their hearts, and do what they truly want to do in life. Behind every person, is a desire to be or do something that will make them happier. But what stops those people in the beginning, to aspire to become who they truly want? Without interest, a person is left hollow on the inside, mindlessly doing some job that fulfills no personal goals for the rest of their lives. Without perseverance, humanity is left eras behind in a world where everything comes easy, but nothing is advanced enough to make a difference. Without having the ability to tell the good from the bad, the future will hold nothing but doubt and

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