Essay on My Role Models Of Good Moral Character

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As a child and adolescent, I had five people that were role models of good moral character. These five people influenced me and nurtured my own moral character. Each of them had different personalities and different qualities. However, they all taught me very important life lessons. My parents provided for my brother and I, to have a very comfortable and privileged lifestyle. We did not lack opportunity. If we desired to accomplish a dream, no matter how big or small, our parents did everything to help us accomplish that dream. They instilled in us that we could accomplish anything we set our minds to. My mother was and is a very strong and successful career woman. She had a I will accomplish whatever I set out to do, moto. My mother taught me to never give up. She encouraged me, that if I fell down, to get back up and try again and again, until I had accomplished what I had set out to do. She never took no for answer and taught me to value myself. My father was very compassionate and kind to others. He would give you his last dollar and work hard for everything he earned. My father taught me how to pray and rely on God, teaching me to remember, when all else fails including you, God will never fail at anything. As a whole my parents taught me to strive and to have high aspirations, they taught me to never shoot down anyone else’s dreams. To always be supportive of others, reassuring them to keep up the good work and accomplish their goals. They encouraged me to have…

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