My Role Model : An Avid Reader Essay

999 Words Mar 1st, 2016 4 Pages
Life is often uncertain and unexpected. As an avid reader, there is an enormous amount of knowledge to be gained from books. Sometimes, having a person to look up to and admire is not easily done in a book. Identifying a positive role model is often done by example. Having personal accountability is needed to reach goals in life. That combined with improving the leadership skills and your critical thinking skills, sets up a path of success.
When looking for a person to look up to and be a mentor, you should look for values that you find important and beliefs that are similar to yours. When deciding upon my role model, I also thought of traits I admire. My role model must provide inspiration that fosters success. Traits that are common among positive role models are positive outlook and energy, knowledge, sets a good example consistently, able to admit and acknowledge mistakes, motivation, and communicate a clear vision (Adair 2002; Galindo 2010; Johnson 2005).
There are many different opinions and thoughts about what defines a good leader. There are hundreds of research studies on this subject as well. The characteristics that I felt best define leadership excellence are trustworthiness, commitment to success, openness to new suggestions, effective communication, courage to be unafraid, strong values, and a planned path to achieve a goal. Leadership involves making tough decisions based on what is good for the group and provides the proper tools. As Frigon and Jackson…

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