My Relationship With Writing And Writing Essay

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My Relationship with Writing

Throughout my life, I have had a “love-hate” relationship with writing. I have always had a passion for written word. However, I learned early on that passion alone is not enough. There is a vast array of skills required to write well. Unfortunately, my Junior High English teachers were quick to inform me that I severely lacked said skills. Even though their words of discouragement stuck with me they did not defeat me. I clearly remember the moment that had the most impact on me as a writer. It was seventh grade English and the assignment was to paint a picture and then write a short story about the picture you painted. I was immediately excited upon receiving the assignment. What could possibly be better than combining the two things I loved: writing and painting? Instantly I got to work on the painting. Choosing to do a watercolor of an old dilapidated shack, in a grassy field, under a stormy sky. When it came time to write the short story based on the striking picture I had painted it seemed like an easy task. Sitting down I knew exactly what to write, the words flowed freely and abundant. I just knew I was going to get a remarkable grade. These feelings of grandeur were quickly deflated upon receiving my English teacher’s feedback. While the painting was beautiful my writing left plenty to be desired. My teacher informed me that my story was full of grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors on top of being unorganized. This assignment…

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