My Reflection Of Teaching: My Philosophy Of Education

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Importance of Teaching
My Philosophy of Education Imagine a world with no opportunities to expand our knowledge and to test our boundaries. We could never reach our fullest potential or become what we were destined to be. In a sense without teachers no one could ever reach the best of their ability. Teachers are found in everyone because of our inherited trait to help others in life and teach right from wrong. However, it takes a certain person to take up their calling to help others build their strong foundation for lifelong learning. Teachers are essential in our lives and aid us to stand by ourselves in the big world. I believe teaching is a difficult profession but I also believe it will be one of the most rewarding things I do. I say
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They should strive to ask questions, learn material, and make their brains sweat. As stated above, it is okay to make mistakes and no better place to learn from mistakes. Nonetheless, it is difficult to have an engaged student if there is a lack of attendance. Their role is to come to school and to work on thinking to broaden their knowledge. I will prepare students to assume this role by keeping high expectations because it is important for all students to benefit from education and believe in themselves I will encourage them while helping them discover knowledge they never knew. Overall, the role of a school is to be a place that fosters a positive learning environment that expands the students’ knowledge. In today’s society schools need to brace students for the real world and show them how to become and independent individual. Education should prepare the young minds for life, jobs, and being great citizens. Schools can serve all students by including full inclusion and not discrimination anyone. In a like manner, there is a diversity of students today in school and this can be handled with a multitude of approaches. In the curriculum I will incorporate more cultural diverse curriculum while respecting all the children’s backgrounds. Likewise, I will include parents because they are essential for academic success of the child. They provide valuable support and assistance when they understand what the teacher is trying to achieve. I would certainly have parents’ day, home projects, meetings, and possibly create a private classroom Facebook page to keep parents

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