College Admissions Essay: The Importance Of Teaching

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Importance of Teaching
My Philosophy of Education Imagine a world with no opportunities to expand our knowledge and to test our boundaries. We could never reach our fullest potential or become what we were destined to be. In a sense without teachers no one could ever reach the best of their ability. Teachers are found in everyone because of our inherited trait to help others in life and teach right from wrong. However, it takes a certain person to take up their calling to help others build their strong foundation for lifelong learning. Teachers are essential in our lives and aid us to stand by ourselves in the big world. I believe teaching is a difficult profession but I also believe it will be one of the most rewarding things I do. I say this because I will be able to help someone in their life gain more knowledge to reach their fullest potential.
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This includes continuously learning new knowledge, creating a positive learning environment, disciplinging consistently, and being able to make the students feel valued with a positive attitude towards the students’ success. Not to mention I would like to teach the lower grades like first grade because I feel this is a key stepping stone in their educational journey. I believe a teacher’s responsibility at this level is to be a good role-model and to keep a positive attitude. At the same time, there is no such thing as excellent teaching. I believe perfection is not always achievable and I want to encourage a safe environment where students are not afraid to learn from mistakes. Additionally, the teacher must be adaptable because every class is different and every student is a unique

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