My Reflection Of My Ideas In College Writing

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Throughout my journey in English 101 college writing, I have learned a great deal about my approach to writing. When I was younger, I always struggled with writing because I would have so many ideas, but I never knew how to put them on paper. As I grew older and began to write more papers, my writing slowly began to improve. By the time I was in high school, I was writing decent papers and usually making solid B’s. I never thought of myself as an exceptional writer, but I always thought I was average. In general, my English papers were decent, but my strong point were my history papers. In high school, it was my history teacher who helped me become a stronger writer. In my first college writing course, I knew that I would have to work significantly harder to make higher grades. For my three essays I wrote a rhetorical analysis on President Obamas 2008 Inaugural Address, a paper on if “College Worth It”, and “Why We Shouldn’t Celebrate Christopher Columbus …show more content…
Each and every single one of these assignments helped me grow as a writer by teaching me rhetoric, logos, ethos, and pathos. Writing the journals after each essay helped me reflect on my papers and see what I did well on and what I need to improve. One of the best references that I used for this class and will continue to use is the “Rhetorical Approaches to College Writing”. If I was ever stuck or needed clarity, I could always go back to this book and use it a source/guide. I also think that “They Say I Say” was a great way of helping me set up sentences to make sure that I used my own voice effectively. This class has helped me better analyze my papers and set higher expectations for myself. Within this portfolio I am able to see my growth as a writer and see how I effectively used the comments made on paper to improve my essays. Although I have learned a lot from this class, I know that I still have a lot of room for

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