My Recollection Of My Childhood Essay example

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Overall, my recollection of my childhood seems to be relatively stable. I was a typical little girl growing up in the paradise of Hawaii. To me, everyday was a routine. Get up early for school, attend all my classes, come home, do homework, and off to bed to repeat in the next day. Like most, my childhood was filled with giggles and smiles, sunshine and the ocean. My home was Kauai. The sun was constantly beaming and rain was a rarity. This lifestyle was all I had ever known, I lived on a small island where everyone was family, and that 's how I pictured the rest of my life to be. That was, until one day when that mind set changed. I was 11 years old and in the 6th grade. It was a Friday night, so that meant the routine Friday night dinners with my parents. That day in particular seemed to be a relatively good one. Since some days I was a grouchy pre teen who wanted nothing to do with their parents, this day was different. At dinner my parents and I discussed the occurrences of our day in a rather joyous way. I remember at one point, my father telling me a story of when he and my uncles used to trek through the brisk sugar cane fields in hunt for chickens. As we were walking to the car after dinner that night, we noticed the glow of the full moon. We decided to go for a drive that night when my father also told me the story of the bunny. “ Whenever there is a full moon, there will always be an image of a bunny in it.” he said. This enchanted me, as at first I was in…

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