How To Write A Narrative Essay About My Real Life

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My Real Life Realization of my Sophomore Year Ever since I can remember, I have always had trouble when it comes to writing. I was often called things like “stupid” or “unintelligent” by my classmates when I would ask for help over and over on the same topic I had asked about ten minutes before. That is, until my tenth grade year when I met my new English teacher for the year, Mrs. Kimbal. I remember sitting, front row, in that tiny, heat ridden room contemplating whether or not I actually needed this class to complete my high school career. However, there was something about the way this English teacher taught us that eventually made me think that I could actually survive my sophomore English class. Mrs. Kimbal had a soft and comforting voice but had great energy, which always made it an entertaining day in her classroom even amongst the many other students …show more content…
Kimbal. With every writing assignment she handed us, she also helped me with the different aspects and areas I struggled with. Just a few things I had troubles with were how to organize my thoughts, the usage of a larger and more sophisticated variety of words and phrases, and also how to get my readers’ attention right off the bat. She took time out of her own day to give me examples, she prepared activities and games, and also gave me pointers to assist me in becoming a better writer. Every time I felt as though I needed her help on anything, I would walk up the stairs in my small two-story high school, sit in the old wooden desk next to hers, and ask for her to look over my assignment without worrying about being rejected by her or her not having any time for me. Being able to do this with her built my confidence in myself and my writing skills. There is no conceivable way that I believe I could thank her enough for the amount of time she gave to me

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