My Pursuit Of Medicine For Public Health Essay

805 Words Sep 9th, 2016 4 Pages
I originally began my pursuit of medicine because of my interest in the sciences. As I explored various fields from psychology to public health, I found myself drawn to working with local hospitals. Following a few months of volunteering at St. John’s Regional Medical Center, my first experience witnessing the birth of a child significantly impacted my decision to pursue medicine.
It was a quiet Thursday night, but the Labor and Delivery unit was bright. Working with the nurse to prepare for an emergency C-section, I held the patient’s hand as she was given an epidural block. She smiled at me and thanked me for my help since it was her first pregnancy. The large beaming white lights shined on the patient’s pregnant abdomen. Within minutes, the physician began the procedure and gestured me to move closer to the operating table while she explained the procedure. I was amazed by the body’s capacity and durability. The physician continued her procedure and announced that she would now be making an incision into the patient’s uterus. I could see the baby’s head, full of hair, and tightly squeezed eyes as he prepared to leave his mother’s womb – it was a boy! The nurses carried the baby over to the mother, and I saw her exude pure joy when she first laid eyes on her son. At the same time, the physician resumed surgical work on the patient, diligently and precisely realigned each layer with stitches similar to a puzzle. In less than ninety minutes, an OBGYN saved the life of a…

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