Essay about My Professional And Personal Goal

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My professional and personal goal is to pursue an MBA from CSU global. My work ethic and drive in my personal life and professional activities have been the driving forces behind my success. An MBA from CSU global would allow my work ethic and technical skills to be parallel, without having one overshadowed by the other.

Professionally speaking, my college does not jump off the page on my resume. The University at Albany may not be recognized nationally, however I received a top-notch education and gained the knowledge that has led to my professional and personal success. After graduating, like most college graduates I had to take an entry-level job outside their chosen field. Rather than letting that set me back, my work ethic, drive and passion for being better allowed me to excel. Promoted twice in the 5 years, I spent at Best Cleaners in New York. I went from an entry-level employee to the director of the Department within a period of 5 years. Simply put, I did what no one else was willing to do – do the extra work that was needed to advance.

During this time, when my professional career was begging to take shape, my personal goals were coming into focus. At this time I was a graduate assistant for the Men’s Hockey team at the University at Albany. My main role with the team was recruiting, which was very time consuming; I had long hours and the role was almost always was thankless. My work ethic, drive and passion are the reasons that I excelled, and went from…

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