Essay On Procrastinate In School

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Starting school at WVC has made me stop being such a big procrastinator, even though there have been occasions where I have left my work aside for later. Starting college was a big wakeup call meaning I have been trying to stay on top of everything including studying and getting my work done. When I work I usually don’t have time to do my homework so I leave it for the next day. When I skip my homework, I tell myself that I will do it soon, or wake up early in the morning to do it. Anther times I stay up, but it's no use because I'm usually just too tired to do it. I believe it is very important not to procrastinate because when I do procrastinate I don't feel like I do the same quality work, as when I take my time to do it better, and I feel better about it. Attitude is also one of the biggest reasons why I sometimes …show more content…
Because I live with my boyfriend I obsessively clean and I also go to work about four times a week. When I work I get home at eleven and I usually don’t have the time or energy to do homework. Something that I can do to fix this problem would be to know that I can do it and do all of my homework right after school. Not feeling so overwhelmed all the time would also be helpful because feeling so nervous and stressed all the time only slows me down. Another big problem that makes me procrastinate a lot is when I tell myself I'm going to do it later. When i tell myself this I usually don't do anything until the very last possible minuit to do it which makes me do a poor-quality job. I do not do this very often but when I do I will know that I have to turn it into "have too's" because if i don't do it as soon as I can, I usually don’t do it until the last minute. Having no vague goals also helps me because having vague goals will only slow me down and confuse me, not getting me anywhere. I don’t think I have any vague goals because nothing seems simple, and nothing is

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