My Primary Career Goal Is The Most Important Thing You Have Learned From Your Experiences?

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I grew up in a small, rural community in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. Recently I returned to visit my high school where I saw my former band director. He asked me an interesting question; one I had never been asked before, “What is the most important thing you have learned from your experiences?” Without dwelling on the question much I replied, “People are more similar than they are different.” I surprised myself with this blunt statement that streamed out of my mouth. After reflecting, I believe this realization came so easily as this is a core part of my teaching philosophy: We all have so much in common and in finding those we can become fantastic educators and excellent students.
My primary career goal is to work with educators around the world increasing their capacity to nurture successful students. I have spent the majority of my career focused upon working with disadvantaged populations. I have noticed these populations have teachers who have not had the good fortune to receive the training of teachers in more privileged areas. It is my desire to address this need both locally and internationally throughout the course of my life.
My interest in education began when I was a young boy working with special need students at a camp. I realized I had not only the ability but also the desire to help people who others shied away from; this feeling was infectious. I chose to study education specializing in science in my undergrad and fell in love with teaching and its…

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