Personal Narrative: The Joys Of Writing

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As a reader; I am a little behind of where I would like to be. I love to read pleasure books, in my spare time. I do have a challenge, which is: keeping up with the current level of reading, that is expected both outside of college and in college. I have problems understanding different assignments, the directions, and how many pages are expected to have been read already. As a writer; I need a lot of improvement, in everything so I can really stand out, and be unique in my work. I need help finding ways to get out of or improve: writer 's block, emotional breakdown 's, lack of confidence in my work, and time management. My pleasures of writing are that, I can freely express myself and all that I am feeling or dealing with in my life. As a thinker; I can only think and focus for a short amount of time, I need help to work on that. Creating ideas and thoughts usually is not too hard for me, but it all depends on the subjects. My pleasure of thinking is that, I can think up and do anything I put my mind to. I like to brainstorm a lot, especially for essays and projects. I need to go to the tutors at Saint Louis …show more content…
I have an IEP (Individualized Education Program), which I will get to you Friday, either before class or during your office hours. I have seemed to decrease my skill of using: grammar, spelling, and sentence check, for fragments and anything else, and lastly vocabulary. I really don’t have other life-circumstances, other than: traffic, or one hour to have lunch and only minutes to get to writing course. I work better with groups, not alone for projects and other events other than self-events. I am a hard worker, so I will do my best to be successful and everything that

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