My Planet Is The Best Thing Essays

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It was a bright, crisp day on planet Dioria. The air was filled to the brim with excitement. This is the day, where the master will pick one of my kind to travel to the greatest planet ever. As turns out I am picked! Yippee!! I get to go on this exciting adventure.

My planet, Dioria, has a cloud cover that is a vivid pink tint that is partly due to an unidentified compound. Photos of Dioria, reveal a pink planet, and it is often dubbed a cotton candy giant. Since it possesses a thick, fluffy mix of water, ammonia and methane under its atmosphere. I think my planet is so cool. Also, we have 18 known moons.

What is this mission about you ask? It will have us fly to earth to scout out the potential for intergalactic cooperation among intelligent life forms. The best thing is that it also involves me writing a character profile of a human being. I wonder what in the world a human is?

So, I went to the mission assigner and filled out all the paperwork to show that I received the mission. Then, I went to prep my spacecraft that was made to carry me and my crew out of the atmosphere into space. This is a vehicle used for traveling in space that was recently made. It zips us through the air at super high speeds to go other places in the universe. The time for us to get, to earth will take approximately ten years. Due to our advances in technology, cutting the time in half.

~ Ten Years Later ~

My spaceship like a bullet burst through the atmosphere of earth. Then, we crashed in…

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