My Life Lessons Learned While Growing Up In My Home

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While growing up in a small, rural town in Georgia I learned many life lessons in just my home. The way to speak to an adult, have correct manners in public, and self-discipline in school were like the three extra rules added to the Ten Commandments in my house. My mother was a stay at home mom and my step father was in the army. Most the time my house consisted of just my mother and me; therefore, we had more time together so she made sure I focused more on school than any other distracting situations. My step father always had to work, or he was deployed overseas. Since my step father was gone overseas most of my early childhood life, my mother became very independent, and learned how to provide with just herself alone. Growing up I never …show more content…
They dated for many years, got pregnant with me, and then married once I was born. Even though they dated for eight years, they only stayed married for one. After my parents divorced my mother meet my step-father. He raised me as his own, tried to adopt me, and provided for me like he did his other three biological children. Since my mother remarried my biological father was not in the picture much. I am still not exactly sure to this very day why he did not want the responsibility of me; however, he had my two other sister living with him at his house. I understand distance was a factor for him to drive an hour to come get me, but that is no excuse. When I was a child I use to put my father on this pedestal above my mother. I craved for his attention since I never saw him so my mother’s did not really matter to me like my father’s did. My mother use to have to pay my father the gas money to come get me, and money to spend time with me. My step-father seen how much him missing in my life impacted me ,and that’s when he tried to adopt me from my biological father. When they served papers to my biological father about the adoption he signed right away. My mother was the corporate who wouldn’t sign. She tried for so long to get my biological father in my life she couldn’t just sign a paper and give up on him. She did not want to let me down is what she tells me to this day. I was so young I could not understand what was happening at such a young age. Now I am older, more mature and I understand my father did not want me. He signed papers to give me away to another man who choose to be my father because he knew what an amazing young girl I was. All my friend in high school constantly talk about being a “daddy’s girl”, but I never have been and never will. I despise my father from all the emotional abuse put me through, the hate he has pushed down my throat, and above all learned I do not need a

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