Essay What You Learned About Yourself

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C) Describes and mention what you learned about yourself in the process, be specific and give examples?

This facilitation experience had given me a huge opportunity within that 35 minutes to learn about my strength and the things I could improve my skills. I realized that I have good attending skills and I am using that appropriately when I am counseling. For example, I always kept constant eye contact with the family members. From the beginning of the session I did not break eye contact and even though Mable was visually impaired, I maintained eye contact with her too. This provided me the knowledge that I am confident and it would help the family members to think that I am attending and is involved in the session.

During the session, I also came to know that, if I am nervous, it could negatively affect my counseling skill. When I experienced nervous I began to speak fast and it results Mable to did not understand what I said and I had to repeat one more time which reduced my confident in myself and started to think that I had made mistakes which also gave me fear to ask more questions to her.. Moreover, due to the nervous, I forget to mention the time duration of the session and to elaborate confidentiality part. Even though, I had that in my memory before starting the session. Although, I cleared my throat and asked the question second time it significantly affected my confidence. This also impacted when Rebecca mentioned that she is worried about her relationship…

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