The Most Important Lessons Learned

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In life, there are many situations in which we wish we could go back and fix, but also there are situations where if we could go back and had a chance to redo it we wouldn’t because of the lessons we’ve learned from the outcomes. Some lessons that are learned are more important than the others, some of them are more obvious than the others too. Some take time for you to really fully understand the lesson. Most lessons I have learned throughout the years have been outcomes of me doing stupid things in which I knew not to do but I proceeded to do them anyways. But there have been some that have been a learning step for me.
The lessons that have really stuck out to me have been the ones where I have learned from my mistakes and have actually
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Some were not as important as the others, but still good lessons overall. The first lesson would be although you may not want to admit it but in the end, parents really do know everything and what’s good for you in the long run. Although it may seem what they are telling you to watch out for may sound crazy at first but in the end, they are most the time completely right. They have been doing this thing called life longer than you and have more experience with people and know how things usually work out. Also, I learned although you may have always been raised to help others out and to be nice to everyone. There comes a time when you have to know your limits and just have to bit the bullet and put yourself in front of others. One last thing was when working for your own money, although it may be hard and not really worth it at times, in the end, its always better have your own money rather than spending your parent’s money. Things seem to be better when paying for them with your own, hard working money. Although these lessons were not very evident to me after they happened, with time they became more clear to me and have made a big impact on the way I live life

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