My Personality Like The Steam Project Essays

1770 Words Nov 28th, 2016 8 Pages
This semester in the Exploratory course, many resources have been provided to me so that I may be able to narrow down my options for my career and major interests. Through activities that have helped me to explore my personality like the STEAM project, the Type Focus test, and the Strong Interest Inventory, I have been able to more clearly see which careers and majors interest me and which do not. Through tools such as the career and academic counseling appointments as well as the informational interview, e-portfolio, and career center websites, I have been able to actively narrow my potential major and career path. The STEAM project helped me to explore my personality type and narrow down my major interests by allowing me to find clarity in which majors I do not wish to pursue rather than present me with majors I am interested in pursuing. Prior to the STEAM project, I considered performing further research into the marketing profession, but I was unware of how much this career involves public speaking. After the STEAM presentation on marketing, I realized that a marketing job would not fit well with my personality because it relies heavily on public speaking which I not only disdain but am also untalented at. While the STEAM project was most helpful in making me realize how much I did not want to work in marketing, it was also helpful in confirming my previously held opinions concerning my disinterest engineering and musical majors. While the STEAM project help me to…

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