My CEGEP Personal Statement

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When I first started CEGEP, I did not really know what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Frankly, in regards to the subjects we learned at school I was uncertain about what I truly liked and disliked. Within these past two years, I have had the chance to take a lot of different classes that helped me make a decision on what I would want to pursue in University. Until the beginning, until my forth and last semester at John Abbott College, I wanted to become a psychologist. I did my first three semesters in commerce however, for my last one, I switch profiles and did social science with math. My initial plan was to go into psychology at either McGill University or Concordia University and this is why I changed profiles. My goal was to …show more content…
I have always been a person who does not talk a lot and does not take the initiative to start conversations with new people. Being that Abbott is a big college and I did not necessarily know people in all my classes it has forced me to go up to people, especially when we have to do group projects. When I first started CEGEP, group projects were the main reason for my high level of stress just because I knew that I had to speak to people I did not know and work with them, I always liked to projects alone better. However, being that it is my forth semester I have gotten used to it and it is much easier for me to open up to knew people. I am glad that I am able to do so because I realized that I learn a lot from people. Either about how they work, how they view different aspects and how they interact with other. I find it interesting to see how everybody is unique and they each have something different to offer. Now, I am definitely more comfortable when it comes to meeting new people however, I still have to work on speaking in front of big crowds. These past semesters, I have had the chance to do so many oral presentations but it still has not gotten easier for me no matter how prepared I am, when I get in front of the class I seem to often forgot and stumble on my words. Hopefully, speaking in front of a lot of people will be a skill that I will develop in University since It is an important skill to have when you are in business. Finally, writing essays is something that I will benefit a lot from because it has helped me to know how to organise ideas and develop them in a way that is understandable for others to read. For example, in my English class I often had to write essays on different books and although it is not something I necessarily enjoyed doing, it definitely is useful not only for organising and developing ideas but also for sentence structures and grammar

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