My Personal Strategic Plan

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The aim of this paper is to develop a personal strategic plan conceived to be executed in a three years’ timeframe. This plan will consider distinct areas in my life that I find most relevant as well as it will be designed to help me to establish priorities and accomplish my life goals. Since life change is a process, depending on the life goal a person want to achieve, he may find that he is not yet completely prepared and he may require time to simply consider rolling out the improvement. It is believed that an individual is more likely to succeed when he identifies what stage of progress he is in, and how it may shape his plans. Furthermore, when working on a personal plan, it can be hard to succeed if physical, mental and
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In addition, throughout my studies I became very fascinated about any topic related to human resources and leadership; However, when reflecting about my future for the next three years, I found that rather than starting a new career in the HR field, I want to continue my career in administrative and customer service by finding an office position as an administrative assistant, thus, starting from the bottom and having the opportunity to grow with the company and becoming an expert; while fulfill my other personal and career …show more content…
This allows me to be more open-minded and flexible.
Hard working - I am a dedicated person that like to take responsibility and be committed.
Curious - A lifelong student, I am passionate about people, life and sharing. This also allows me work collaboratively.
Bilingual - Fluent in Portuguese and English.
Lack of self-confidence - Constantly feeling of not being good enough, especially when it comes to public speaking in English.
Lack of discipline - I struggle to maintain a regular routine and develop new habits.
Lack of work experience in a specific field - A broad work experience, but not an expert in a particular area.
Fear of failure - I put too much expectations on myself and people around me.
Perfectionist - A detail-oriented person, this makes me waste time and lose sights of the big picture.
New and current technology available - Increase networking and job hunting as well as it is a tool to build a personal brand, learning, connect and access

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