My Personal Statement On Endo Essay

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I hope that throughout the course of reading this paper, you will understand not only more about me, but also why I am this way. I was named after the leader, Joshua, who led the Israelites after Moses. My parents always thought that I would grow into a strong person, and a leader. From my father, Ismael Pereira DaSilva, I received my surname: DaSilva. As my middle and last name would suggest, my family originates overseas, specifically in Brazil. My middle name Endo, is what I consider most important in regards to my identity. To me, Endo is not only my mother’s maiden name, or a link to my Japanese heritage, but also my Grandfather, Lucio Endo’s, legacy. It represents the ambition and success he had in life, and now my ambition and my goals in life now. I have inherited a sense of patriotism, honor, and morality with my middle name that will remain with me throughout my life. It is partly because of my middle name, that I try to demonstrate virtues such as patriotism, honor, and morality. I was born at 8.8 ounces, on December 2, 1997. It was 7:14 P.M., on a wintery, Illinois night. I was born in room No. 3 of Holy Family Hospital, in Des Plaines, Illinois. The unique thing was that I was born with my eyes open and did not cry for a couple of minutes. My family always recounts that I was angry at the time of my birth. I remained in the hospital for a day before going home to River road, the first street I lived on. My hometown is Des Plaines, Illinois. A majority of the…

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