My Personal Pilgrimage

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Personal Pilgrimage
“O God of wholeness, when I consider the lack of balance and wholeness in my life, the one-sided spiritualties with which I attempt to appease you, to appear good in the eyes of others, and to please myself, I come face to face with my need for a holistic spiritual life. Help me, I pray, to hunger and thirst for the wholeness you have for me in Christ. Help me to be willing to surrender to you whatever stands in the way of such wholeness” (64). Wholeness was a state that I have constantly sought after, whether consciously or subconsciously. Wholeness was a frame of mind that I falsely believed I acquired because I still had enough strength to lie and say, “I’m fine.” Wholeness was a myth, synonymous with perfection a status
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I am going to select models of spirituality that bring me together with other people. So spiritual activities such as worship, fellowship groups, prayer groups, bible-study groups, and spiritual-formation groups would be the types of scenes where I would spiritually thrive (59). Learning and testing out this information has greatly enhanced my spiritual life already. I do thoroughly enjoy the company of other people, even in a spiritual setting. I get a high praising God in the mist of other people. A sense and spirit of unity falls upon me which not only brings me so much joy but instantly reminds me of how small my problems are and how great and powerful God is. So I will continue to seek out group worship whenever my spirit needs a quick pick me up. I will also organize random bible studies with friends and get involved in some young adults groups within my …show more content…
Robert Mulholland Jr. has deeply enhanced my eyes to my spiritual life through showing me that there is a whole other part of me that also needs attention so that I will thrive in a holistic way. I love when he says, “One-sided spirituality can be devastating to our spiritual pilgrimage. The undernourished shadow side will sooner or later need equal time” (60). He goes on to say, “Many people ride this spiritual rollercoaster throughout their Christian pilgrimage because no one ever tells them that their shadow side needs equal time and attention in their spiritual activities.” Looking back I have noticed this roller coaster spirituality and I am ecstatic to know how I can prevent and counter act the problems that emerge. I now know that because of my extroversion I need to pay attention to make sure that I do get that one on one time with God. So whenever I am in a season where I feel lonely my emotions won’t take me into a state of sadness that I am naturally prone to. I now see that because I am intuitive that I must keep my thoughts and beliefs in check to make sure that I am serving the real and true God and not just a god that I have created in my own imagination that resembles who Christ is. I will keep me “Feelings” in check by spending time in the word and not rely on emotions or impressions that I have felt in worship. To combat a purely “Perceptive” spirituality I will give the first hour of my day to God however within that first hour I will change what I do

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