Spiritual Wellness Reflection

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Spiritual wellness is the most important dimension of wellness that is helping me throughout my journey here at the University of Michigan. I chose spiritual wellness because my relationship with Jesus helps me to give him credit in the good times and to endure through the tough times. This dimension has really helped me balance my relationship with Jesus and my schoolwork. I have a lot of support coming from God, my church family, my parents, and my friends that helps me to maintain and develop my spiritual wellness. Bridge Scholars PLUS has helped me to remind myself to keep assessing my spiritual wellness, so I am where I need to be in my relationship with Jesus. I have seen so much growth in my spiritual wellness, since I have been at the …show more content…
My family has been very supportive when they know I am having a hard time with classes. My dad texts me scriptures to help me through the week and he lets me know that he is praying for me. My mom is always there to encourage me along the way, offering her love, support, and prayers. My friends, inside and outside of church, are also very helpful with my spiritual support. Some of my friends send me encouraging scriptures and others give me words of encouragement, checking in with me to see if I am doing okay. My friends from church have actually made a GroupMe account where we all can put our prayer request in, which is very helpful, when I need prayers. I am so glad that I met my church friends from the church I found here in Ann …show more content…
The pastor is very approachable and is willing to talk, pray, and listen to me. He encourages us all and always preaches the truth. I have met so many wonderful people at church that it is just such a blessing for all of the support. I go to the church three times out of the week: Sunday for worship service, Tuesday for prayer and choir rehearsal, and Wednesday for Bible study. Being in the church is always an amazing feeling because I am in God’s presence and I feel like I could stay there for the rest of my life and be happy. I receive peace, love, and happiness every time I hear a sermon preached, fellowship with my brothers and sisters, and worship God together. I know how to apply what I learned in church to my time here at the University of Michigan as a student.
I have learned how to be very active in the church and balance my schoolwork at the same time. I hang out with friends from church who can help me grow spiritually while at the same time go to the library and study for hours. I sing on the youth praise team and being on that team gives me so much support in school from the songs that we sing and in my daily life. Knowing that God will never forsake me, and always have my best interest at heart truly gives me peace of mind. I am excited for what is in store for me in the future and I am anticipating and expecting great

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