My Personal Philosophy: My Philosophy Of Education

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My philosophy of education is for the children to grow by achieving their potential in an inclusive environment knowing to respect every individual values and beliefs. I believe every child has the potential to achieve irrespective of their abilities as no two children are born the same. As Rubio (2009, online) states, each classroom has children with various abilities and needs, who all develop at a different pace. However, by teaching in a classroom having mixed abilities would stimulate and motivate a child to learn. As Dewey argued (Nodding 1998, p.9) that education has to be tailored to the needs and interests of individual children and social constructivist approach for teaching; where a child is scaffold by a more knowledgeable other. As suggested by Mc Namara and Moreton (1998 cited Adami …show more content…
This is witnessed in current educational setting as group work and peer interaction. Much of my philosophy supports Aristotle, Plato and Dewey. These philosophers supported social interaction and without gaining the social skills it is impossible to reform into a better citizen.
Aristotle states () that “man is a social animal.” Children spend a significant amount of time with their teacher during term time; therefore, in addition to his/her parents, a teacher plays a crucial role in a child’s educational progress and in inspiring him/her to perform educationally and socially to be a good citizen. Education has always been the mode of creating right citizens for future. As Carr (2003, p.6) states young people are educated for preparing to be apt personal and social functioning in life. Especially a teacher is the person who often strives to facilitate the children to achieve their dream by guiding them to focus on right path. Like Social constructivism clearly specifying scaffolding, where the sunrays which are the teacher’s care, knowledge, ethics and moral are scaffolding the nature of the children by

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