Reflective Essay: The Value Of Education In High School

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"No one can make you feel inferior without your permission." is a rather famous quote from Eleanor Roosevelt that I could have used back then when this picture was taken. It had been a bad year for me, a difficult one. Up until the point I got into sixth grade, I had always gotten along with my teacher. I didn 't get along with the other students in my class, but I had learned to accept that things had always come easier to me and that they wouldn 't accept me. But I had always gotten along with my teachers and felt like I could trust them. You see, my school district doesn 't have a middle school, you go kindergarten to sixth grade in the elementary and seventh to graduation in the high school. So I spent half of my education so far with the same people in a class of nineteen students-and I had nobody I fit in with. I had been the outcast all throughout elementary school, the kid who 's always on the edge of the playground - the …show more content…
I am able to read and retain information very well. I work well with words, but numbers have always been difficult for me. In the past, other teachers have understood that I wasn 't good at eveything and would help me in math. But in sixth grade when she was going over something in math, and I 'd ask her a question; she 'd tell me that since I was in the gifted program I should already understand and I shouldn 't need her help.
Then, on the day of my sixth grade promotion, my gifted teacher wanted to say that I was part of the gifted program and that I was deserving of some words said about my hard work. My sixth grade teacher refused. It made me feel as if my accomplishments didn 't matter, as I put a lot of hard work into my gifted classes. With everything that had happened in that year and the past, as othes went up to speak about their accomplisments and where awarded for their hard work, I was happy for them, but I began to feel as if not only my accomplisments didn 't matter but that I didn 't

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