My Personal Philosophies Of Education: My Philosophy Of Learning

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Philosophy of Learning:
a. What is my personal definition of a great teacher and what experience formed that definition?
• My personal definition of a great teacher is someone that inspires students to learn and be successful. The teacher would do so by differentiating instruction, implementing a positive environment, and using effective classroom management procedures and routines. I also think a great teacher would model the attitude and behaviors he/she expects the students to use. Also the teacher would get to know his/her students to better understand what the students is interested in, feels is their strengths, and weakness.

b. What synonyms for “teacher” accurately describe what I believe myself to be, or would like to be for my students?
• I would like to be seen by my students as a
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The student may not know the content they need to know to be prepared for the next grade level. If they go to the next grade level and aren’t well prepared then they are already behind. This could lead the student to being so far behind that, they may become at risk of graduating. Data shows everything, strengths and weaknesses, in students and in the whole group.

4. What was the biggest “ah ha” moment you encountered in your field observation experience?
• I think my biggest “ah ha” moment was when I realized that almost everything my mentor teacher was doing was based off data. I didn’t even think about it prior to the data chat project, but once we started it the project, it was like everything made sense.

5. Were the observation assignments appropriate? Is there something you wish I had added? Is there something that you think was not necessary?
• I think all the observation assignments were appropriate. I think the different assignments allowed me to look at the school, the students, the teacher, and the instructions in way I wouldn’t have on my

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