Field Reflection: Learning Goals And Instructional Procedures

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Field Reflection
Learning Goals and Instructional Procedures
1.) I thought that with Mrs. B’s teaching style and how she goes over the notes in the class, the students did seem to understand the objective and content of this lesson. Since the students had to write on their notes within their notebooks, the students were more engaged.
2.) For the most part, I believe that the students did seem to understand the procedural instructions. For some students, they did not have their notebooks with them today or they were just not following along with the teacher. You could tell Mrs. B was getting a little angry with those students, so she wrote their name down for detention.
3.) When a student did not understand something within the lesson, Mrs. B was able to help them. Since today's lesson was over Christianity, some students asked questions for example who is that or how did they do that. With the lesson being about religion, Mrs. B was unable to discuss it with the students or she really did not know.
4.) There was an additional event that related to Standard 6- Teachers communicate clearly and effectively. Since Mrs. B made her classroom a very friendly learning environment and stated
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B used today. In the classroom, Mrs. B creates a positive and friendly environment for her students. She tries to change up the activities the students work on each day. Mrs. B uses a lecture method teaching style for today’s lesson. She offers the students in chronological order the creation of Christianity, but Mrs. B also asks her students open-ended and opinion questions within her lesson. While asking her students questions, Ms. B encouraged her students to think critically. I feel that sometimes Mrs. B’s students, especially the boys, can take advantage of her niceness and just not listen to her instructions. It may also have something to do with being in Middle School in

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