Essay on My Personal Note On My Life

1284 Words Jun 22nd, 2016 null Page
My life has not been as rough as one may think. It’s been a small roller coaster ride throughout the years for me. The three things I value the most are my car, my house my wedding ring and lastly my loving and caring husband. These things to me are important to have and they are the top thingsthree things on my list of the things I value. I am writing this to you my future children because I feel like it is an important part for you to know of who I am and what I valued the most in my life. I came about this when I was in my 20’s. I had just met your father, we became instant friends like peanut butter and jelly. It was your father who opened my eyes to see the world and who showed me that life isn’t just about the parties. Your father taught me to work hard and believe in myself; he taught me that complaining about life would take me nowhere unless I changed my lifestyle. I would have never been able to purchase my car, buy my house or have this wedding ring on my finger if it was not for your father. When I met your father I was a loser with no job and no goals. I was unmotivated and had nothing going for me; I had no car, no life and no job. I took a liking to him instantly, he was this smart successful 23 year old who knew what he wanted in life. It was because of hehim thatwho made me realizeed, that I could be someone and that I could change my life to make it better. I ended up finding a fulltime job which helped me pay for my car. I was so happy when I got my car…

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