Personal Narrative: My First Football Coach

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Through the 10 years of me playing football I’ve had and met multiple coaches that I’ve liked of disliked, but at the end of the day you have to deal with them and play the sport you love. The first coach I ever had as soon as I started playing football was David Price and he was the best coach anyone could ask for. He was a tough coach meaning you had to work for your position but at the end of the day you could sit down and talk to him. Every year we played we had a winning season and never backed down from anyone. The practices would be awesome we would do drills to work our technique like: run drills, tackling drills, and in the end play a tackling game or play tug of war.
The best times of my life were playing with my little league team
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It was a coach from another school that went to state two years before that and he brought his dad in that was 82 years old and he changed my way of thinking about myself and the others on the team from hating my coach to loving all of them and respecting them more than I have respected anyone in my entire life. Every day he would tell me that I was the leader of the team and that if I wasn’t showing that I wanted to be here and have the spirit to practice then that would change the entire teams’ effort of the practice. He is in the hall of fame for high school football because he was always positive and never put anyone of the players down like the coach before him. That made me want to play as hard as I could because at the end of the game I knew that he would be proud of me no matter the outcome of the game. The last game of the season was the hardest game not because we lost or that I got hurt it was because I knew that it was my last time playing for my coach that had built a strong connection and I will always have the most respect for him no matter what. The bond that he built with every player he has ever met was amazing on his birthday he told us how many people said happy birthday to him was almost all football players that he had coached and that have told him that he was the one that got them places because of the way he

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