My Personal Experience: My Experience In The University

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I never thought that college would reveal who really I am. I thought I was cool that I can do everything at once, but when I entered college, I found out that I was the opposite of how I see myself.

Going back to my first day in the university, I felt something I could not even put into words. Seeing new faces, new surroundings made me feel like I’m in a very different place. It was my first time to see the people whom I’ll be with for the rest of my stay in the university and it made me nervous for an unknown reason. All of us need to adjust well so that we can survive and know each other well. Subjects for the first time like Philosophy, Management, and Law subjects were very hard to study since that it was the first time for me to encounter
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Waking up, preparing to go to school, studying before class, being in class, going home, studying until before the sun rises, eating in between of those, sleep, then wake up again. Halfway of my stay in the university, my days became like that. People would think that it was easy having a day like that, but in reality, it was the opposite. I was thinking of giving up and try another course, but I still decided to continue.

I still haven’t really figured out what I really wanted to do with my life. Day by day, it was getting hard. Harder than I expected. I thought and realized I need to love what I am doing to ease the burden that I am experiencing. I wanted to prove to myself that I can do things that I thought I would never be able to do. Then, it just went into me that I want to become a lawyer, a great one.

Fast forward to the present. As expected, my life really turned into a routine. It never became as interesting as how other live theirs. If anyone would want to try to be in my shoes, I think, he or she may not last a day being me. Today will be the same as yesterday and maybe the next day will be the same as today. I guess eating, sleeping, and talking to my friends are the only things I consider as my break from
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I need to prepare myself fast thinking that I’ll be late for the first class if I slow down a bit. When the clock hits 3, I feel like I forgot all the things that I have read and digested all night. It’s a weird feeling that I always feel whenever I enter the walls of St. Raymunds Building. It is like library and coffee shops became my fortress, law books are my guns, the things that I have read are my bullets, the classrooms in AB are my battlefields, and my opponent - it is not my professors who shoot sharp questions, but my own self. It’s me vs me after all.

You know what’s the most fulfilling thing that I’ve experienced ever since I entered this university? It’s being able to answer what my professors are asking every bloody recitation. Some would say it’s too little to be that fulfilling, but we always say that little things matter and that little thing boosts everything inside me.

I thought having a routine kind of days would suck, but I realized that people have different ways of coping with the situation they are in. I discovered that this is my way of coping with my own situation. I may not have the best college life because I am not part of any organization or because I focus too much on my studies or don't have any extracurricular activities like others, but having this

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