My Personal Definition Of Spirituality In Nursing

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I am a registered Nurse originally from Bangladesh. I have been working in acute rehabilitation unit at St Jude Medical Center for last sixteen years. My mission is to make every encounter with my patient a sacred one. As a nurse, I provide care for the whole person, which includes body, mind and spirit. I believe spirituality is a valid and essential part of nursing. The meaning of spirituality varies from one person to another, but it is a basic human quality regardless of gender, ethnicity, or nationality. My personal view of spirituality is my human quality. To me it is the characteristics, which connect humans to the world, to self, as well as to God/Supreme Being. I believe this inner self-connection allows me to bring peace, happiness, hope and the strength to cope with difficult situations for others and myself. It is my upbringing, my culture, my religion and my mental strength. I grew up in a joint family. Our responsibilities were to share and look after each other. I was taught to share and do good things for my family. My religious beliefs are always to tell the truth, do no harm to others, never steal or commit any crime. As I grew up and became a nurse, I continued to take care of my family, friends, neighbors and …show more content…
My desire to pursue a bachelor degree in nursing is to enhance my nursing education. By earning the knowledge and advanced degree in nursing from Vanguard University would help my continued growth and development not only as nurse, but also as a human being. Being a BSN student and working as an RN, the Vanguard University mission statement aligns with my personal mission. I treat my classmates with respect and I put God as the center of everything. Especially when I am taking care of my patients, I disregard their race, spiritual beliefs, and

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