Essay on My Partner, No Offering Free College Education

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Area 1: Attack Significance
My partner says no offering free college education might cause students who have financial difficulties end up looking for alternative ways to meet their material demands. I don’t quite agree with this point because for many college students the primary reasons that they want to be sugar babies are that they can be brought to the fancy restaurants, be provided with generous gifts, and probably with tuition subsidizes. In an article written by Leroy, he mentions that the top factors that attract young students are that sugar daddies are mature enough so that they could build a mutual beneficial relationship with each other, and monogamy is not required. Personally, I think America emphasizes on individual values culturally, and apparently heavily relying on an older man financially is not the best way to earn their tuitions.
Krogstad claims that 66% of Hispanics students who directly go to the job market declare that they need to work as a full-timer to help support their families as a primary reason for not attending colleges. Even though the U.S. government provides free public college education, the majority of potential dropouts are still going to the do same thing because they rank making money in front of finishing education, and they still need to figure out ways to support their families. Kate Gibson claims that “The improving national employment picture remains the dominant influence on enrollments,” and usually the enrollment rates…

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