My Parents And My Dad Essay

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November in the year 2014, me and my mom got a hard decision to make. It was between Life and Death. My parents and I lived in the Philippines for so many years, I was born there and my parents are also born there, but to pursue a bigger dream and a better life for me, they left. Both moved here in California where my other grandpa, Benigno, is living, they were welcomed warmly, that’s what my parents told me. My dad worked as a chef in Barona, while my mom is a food server for the same casino. They both work in holidays and regular days, making them hardly to visit Philippines. I was sad and lonely. All of that sadness were only to go away if y grandma was around. She is beautiful and very kind. My grandma became my mom and my dad for the years my parents were away, including my birthdays. If I ever count how many birthdays they attended to since they left, I will say about three out of six. I was not mad to them, but I’m surely is sad. Five years have passed since they left and there is a specific call that I want to talk about. It was just a call that caused me to not go to school for a week. That call is that bad. Nothing get on the way of getting my education and coloring new images at school, but this call did. My Mother called, around five to six in the morning while I was getting ready for the school. She was sad, and I can feel the pain from her voice. I do not know what to expect honestly. My mom softly and gently spoken her words, she told me over the phone that…

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