My Parent 's Room At Bed Essay

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“Kids could you come into the bedroom.” My dad said in a serious tone. I hear my two brothers running up the stairs like a heard of elephants into my parents room. I stand up and walk out of my room across the hall to my parent’s room making the floor squeak quietly. I walk into the room seeing maroon colored walls, a glass door leading to the deck and the big bed with mom’s quilt she made on top. Dads laying on the left side of the bed already in his pajamas like my mom who is sitting in the cream colored rocking chair on the right side of the bed. My brothers are spread out on the right side of the bed leaving no room for me so I sit on the floor near the end of the bed. We already ate supper and are winding down for bed. We usually do devotions before going to bed so that is most likely what we are doing but the serious look on my parent’s faces says otherwise. “You’re not in trouble. We just need to seriously discuss something with you. Tomorrow your mother and I are going to a town called Sioux Center for an interview. That’s why grandma is coming to watch you after school tomorrow.”
He pauses looking at each of us before continuing. “Now the interview is for me. They have a job opening there for an elementary principle. The school here in Elkader is not doing well financially and will need to cut a lot of people this coming year. If it is God’s will that I get the job we will be moving.” He says in an explanatory voice.
The room is completely silent. My brothers have…

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