The Values Of Success In Achievement Of Desire By Richard Rodriguez

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By looking at the quotation by Richard Rodriguez, “Working class students must separate themselves from their family and their family’s values in order to succeed academically,” I will argue that students should not have to separate themselves from their love ones in order to be successful academically. There are many examples in the text that significe how parents and other love ones could motivate a student academically.
In his writings, Achievement of Desire by Richard Rodriguez, Richard demonstrates how his parents and siblings played a key role of his success. His “brother and both sister were both very good students. (They often brought home the shiny school trophies I came to want.) And my mother and father always encourage me. (At every
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According to the text, Richard stated that “my brother and sister enjoyed the advantages I did, and they grew to be as successful as I, but none of them ever seemed so anxious about their schooling” (Rodriguez 81). This quotation shows how successful they’re all are, but they are all successful in different terms because of the fact that his sister and brother does not see education and academic success the way he sees it. With that said, I believe that it would take a lot from Richard to stay focus especially knowing the fact that his brother and sister are anxious about their school, unlike before when he used to look up to them because of the awards that they …show more content…
In the book it stated, “I devoted myself my studies. I became bookish, puzzling to all my family. Ambition set me apart,” which shows how dedicated and determined he is for his academic achievements. He also says, “When my brother saw me struggling home with stacks of library books, he would laugh, shouting: ‘Hey, Four Eyes!’ My father opened a closet one day and was startled to find me inside, reading a novel” (Rodriguez 81). what that shows is that he did not care whether or not his parents and siblings disturb him, and even made fun of him because of the way he has been acting around reading books and such. In my opinion, I don 't think he got frustrated with it but used the teasing as a motivation to pursue what his dream is and manage to be successful, because sometimes it is good to have someone get in your head just to do

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