Roots Of Optimism Essay

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Where Do My Roots Of Optimism Come From? My roots of optimism stem from my mental voice and the events I went through that aided me in the journey of finding myself. Optimism is a belief that is quite difficult to find inside you, I had lost myself in no hopes of being found, but with my positive attitude, I had found happiness again. Most may think optimism is simple, but for me, it took some time to find this faith in myself.
A few months back I had lost all hope in the world, I was going through heartbreak and had to deal with loneliness and life in general. It seemed like everything was a chore, like the joy of life was just a dream for me that would only be true in my fantasies. I had curled up into a sphere of insecurities and fright,
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There are still some nights that I think I should give up again, that I’ll never be who I want to be, but now I realize that its okay. It doesn’t matter if I don’t get into this group, or if I don’t ace all of my tests. The thing that matters is optimism, instead of saying that I’m not smart enough to be here, I’d say that at least I tried, and I made my best effort. Even though I’m only twelve years old, I’ve went through depressing and extremely difficult times in 2017, but those rimes have only made me stronger mentally. I matured and realized that life isn’t lollipops and rainbows, there will be sad times and places when you’re hurt and lose hope. To this day, I’m still recovering. I’m not always thinking the best of myself, and i still cry and have those same mental breakdowns, but I know inside that I’m improving because they’re happening less and less. To sum it all up, my roots of optimism have immensely grown throughout my years of life and I have those tough times to thank. Without that I wouldn’t realize how much I have to live for, and that even thought life isn’t always fair, that I have to believe in myself, and to always have a positive attitude no matter what situation I’m

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