Essay about My Opinion On My Favorite Class

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I was seventeen when I recognized that English was my favorite class. I realized five years later that I might have made a huge mistake by pursuing English just because “it was my favorite class in high school.” I realized I didn’t make a mistake because I’m extremely happy with where I am now because I chose to pursue my passion.
I recognized English was my favorite class during my first AP class. This wasn’t because I was smug for being in an upper division class. Rather, it was my teacher that encouraged me to embrace my strong personality and have it show in my writing. To paint a clear example, I was assigned an Outside Reading Book assignment where I had to pick a book from a specified book list. I blindly picked “The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love” and hated it. I hated it so much.
I used this as an opportunity to embrace how much I loathed that book to write a scathing book report on why the book was so terrible. My teacher loved it because I backed my claims on why the book sucked so much. This was significant because my writing was no longer generic and uninspired. I understood I had a voice and my opinions and convictions could be strong if I took careful time and effort. In short, this was the first time I was honest with myself in a classroom setting. I was no longer trying to please my teacher or my parents, I was trying to understand myself and why I thought the way I did at the time.
This constant reflection continues to this day. I liked…

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