My Newsletter Reflection On The Internet Safety Newsletter I Created For Parents And Students

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The purpose of my newsletter reflection is to give a detailed summary of the informative information that was provided in the Internet Safety Newsletter I created for parents and students. The newsletter that I created is an informative piece of work that will provide parents and students a better idea of the many dangers the Internet may cause as well as how to prevent them from happening. In accordance, I demonstrate to the parents the many ways that we can all work together to help keep their children safe. I also provide many ways to get in contact with me as well as the school if they have any doubts or concerns and many websites to go on for more information. As for parents, according to the article “Internet Safety”, Steven Dowshen (2015) states “As with any safety issue, it 's wise to talk with your kids about your concerns, take advantage of resources to protect them, and keep a close eye on their activities. For the children I provided various tips and rules that they can use while on the web. They can also follow rules provided by “M-DCPS Acceptable Use Policy” (2009). Prevention is key, in my newsletter I let the reader know to always stay aware.

Internet Safety Newsletter Reflection

Many educators and parents are concerned that the Internet is not a safe place for children. According to this statement, I created a newsletter to better inform teachers, parents and students on Internet safety. Our society is going through many changes due…

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