Cyberbullying Argument Essay

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Since the internet was invented in 1990, many platforms and interfaces have been created to further it as a means of communication. However, with these new forms of communication becoming increasingly available to the general public,, sentiments and opinions have found their way into the internet. Not all of these feelings are nice, and many people are affected by the strident remarks posted online. Because of how these statements may affect a student, a particular concern is how students handle relations online. As a result, many believe that schools should be involved in monitoring students’ online activities. However, multiple studies show that this is unnecessary. They point out that this view is an over exaggerated perception of students’ …show more content…
However, that is not true. One of the reasons cyberbullying is not a large concern is that not many students have actually cyberbullied others. Only 18% of surveyed students in a US School District have cyberbullied in their lifetimes. In perspective, that’s 848 out of 4734 students in the district [A]. By allowing schools to punish students involved in cyberbullying, many other aspects of the suspected bully would be accessed as well, which could and most likely would contain interactions with other children who had nothing to do with any of the bullying. This would be a direct invasion of privacy. The essence of the issue is discussed in a satirical cartoon by Jimmy Margulies. In it, a teacher approaches a principal. The principal asks what the students stole ‘this time’, and instead of the alarming options presented by the principal (social security numbers, credit cards), the teacher replies with “Dignity and privacy” [E]. Though it seems serious, on closer inspection, the principal seems unimpressed and bored with the supposedly dire development, which shows that cyberbullying really has been blown out of proportion, and schools should not be able to take up arms against perpetrators of an issue this small and

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