My Need For Forgiveness Essay

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I would like to begin by stating my upmost and genuine need for forgiveness, I do not know if I deserve it, but the guilt I incur every day without it weighs heavily on me. I feel as if I am empty without at least formally apologizing for the mistakes I made that fateful night five years ago. This was the night I not only lied to you, mom and dad, but also put myself in great danger and was selfish beyond belief. The night started as regular as can be, I and five friends were staying over my buddy Hunter’s house. I promised my mom earlier that night it would just be video games and food, no shenanigans of any sorts. As we tired of the same old same old, Hunter sparked the ingenious idea to play paintball at night. Knowing my mother was very …show more content…
The physical wounds were bad enough, but I destroyed my trust with my parents for a very long time. Not letting them know something of this magnitude and going against their wishes in such a big way was idiotic of me and I realize how much I damaged my parent’s faith in me to be a responsible child. I can now only say that I am solely responsible for my injury and especially for the breach of trust that came against my parents, and I will work forever to fix this enormous mistake. This being my fault, and my fault alone I recognize how horrible this was for my parents to feel helpless and not know why I would not inform them of such a thing. For this, breach of trust and utter disrespect to those who care the most about me, I am most regretful. My regret extends beyond just this apology, but into my actions today. I still try to reconcile for how wrong I was to not incorporate my parents into the situation. As a parent you have one major role, and that is the safety of your child, so I feel disgusted with myself to say I’m the reason my mother and father felt they let didn’t succeed in their job. I know how measly this may seem, all this time later but I truly, from the bottom of my heart would like to ask for forgiveness for this atrocity that occurred due to my negligence. Please know that this isn’t just me asking for forgiveness, but me begging to be given a second chance at responsibility and trustworthiness. Please forgive me so that I can show you I still carry these qualities and know that this forgiveness will not be in vain. I know how menial it sounds, but I can promise you that I will never let this happen again, and promise that I will always respect your wishes when it comes to things I should and should not do. Finally I would like to leave off by saying thank you for my constant protection

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