Essay on My : My Dream Career

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My dream career I set in stone for myself was at a very young age. I was constantly writing humors stories, make believe fairy tales, and a story full of thrilling drama in a journal my aunt gave me for Christmas. College has opened my mind to a new perspective of other future career choices that may suit me better then what I thought. Once I was done taking the Kursory Inventory assessment I learned a lot more about my likes and dislikes towards different career options. My results helped me gain more information about career interests, work values, and self-confidence skills. In the career interest category, my scores were scattered but I did agree with my results. I scored higher in the artistic, social, and enterprising characteristics; however, realistic, investigative, and conventional were rather low. The one characteristic I agree with the most is social because I like to surround myself with close family, friends and new acquaintances. In the work value category I scored in the medium percent tile; although, prestige, accomplishment, work place and income were in the lower percent tile. Innovation describes my personality overall as having the challenge and opportunity to do my work in new ways and with independence and variety. Whenever I need feedback from friends or my instructors’ I am more than confident to accept any criticism I might receive. Constructive criticism helps me become a better student by growing from my mistakes and improving upon them later down…

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