My Mother Is My Role Model Essay

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Has anyone ever wonder who made us the person we are today? I have and my mother is that reason. My mother has been my role model because she’s one of the bravest and most independent single mothers that I know. After my father asked for the divorce, my mother had to learn to do things on her own. She started working after twenty-two years of being unemployed and she also had to face the drama and all the gossiping my father had created with his affair. Even though the divorce brought so much drama, my mother still managed to get back up on her feet and never give up. I am the person that I am today because my mother had showed me to be independent and brave.
My mother inspired me because she had decided to be independent and go back to work
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The sun was shining and I could feel the heat of the sun coming through our bedroom window. My sisters and I woke up to my mother’s singing and the smell of her delicious arros con leche. While we were eating breakfast my mother kept telling us how excited and nervous she was for her first day of work. Even though she was nervous, she left to work with the biggest smile on her face. I expected her to get home from work with that same smile but she didn’t. She looked tired not only from her face but also from her feet, I could tell by the way she was walking. When I asked her how her first day of work went all she said was “good, I am going to get showered and get some rest”. At dinner time she ate her meal and when she was done she went back into her room to keep sleeping. I followed her a few minutes later and decided to massage her feet. As I was massaging her feet I noticed that they were swollen. I figured that they were swollen because she wasn’t used to working and being on her feet all day. Each day was the same, she got home tired from work and her feet were swollen as usual. But as soon as she got used to her job, she would get home less tired and her feet would be less swollen. After my mother got her first check, she saw that she could manage to pay all the bills and our expenses. So when my father came to our home to give her cash for our expenses, my mother smiled at him and told him that she didn’t want a dime …show more content…
She couldn’t believe that the car she was looking at was her sister’s car. When she was in the building she ran into the women that she never wanted to see ever again. They looked at each other in the eyes and her sister just smiled and walked away. The following day she drove to work hoping not to see her sister there, but as soon as she entered the parking lot, she noticed that same car. As each day passed, my mother acted as if her sister didn’t work there. On Tuesday morning my mother walked into that same building and noticed people were staring at her. All she could think of in that moment was that they knew who her sister was and the affair that her husband had with her. All my mother wanted to do was run out of that building as fast as she could, drive off and never come back. After my mother’s co-workers knew that my father had an affair with her sister, my aunt made my mother’s job a nightmare. Each day my mother’s sister and her friends would gossip about my mother and each time my mother passed them they would laugh at her. They would hurt my mother’s feelings and they would make her feel worthless but even though they would hurt her self-esteem, my mother would always show up to work every morning. My mother proved me how brave she was to get up every morning and walk into in the building where her sister made it a

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