Essay about My Mother And My Father

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My mother and father have been split up for some time now, my father lives in North Carolina with his wife and my mother lives in California. My parents split up when I was approximately eight years old my father moved to Oklahoma, met his wife there, and moved from state to state until my stepmother retired from the coast guard in North Carolina. After my mother and my father split up, I continued to live with my mother until I graduated from high school. During my senior year, my father gave me the opportunity to move in with him because my stepmother had college veteran’s benefits and could be passed down to me. Only if I became her dependent therefore, I would have to move entirely across the country in order to receive the benefits. Finally, two months before I graduated, I called my dad and told him I decided to move in with him and this decision broke my mother’s heart, but she knew I would be better off in life by making this choice. In the three years I have lived in North Carolina, I have accomplished many things, for instance, attending college, getting my first job, learning to let things go, becoming financially responsible, and maintaining the longest relationship in my life.
It was the beginning of hot sunny California July as I began to sort through my belongings it was difficult because I accumulated many possessions in eighteen years something’s had value and others were just trash with importance. It was hard for me to condense my possessions because I…

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