The Importance Of Conception Of My Life

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Since conception I was given a mother that made sure I had all fulfillments in life, till now. This can be due to development is life-long, multidimensional, multidisciplinary, multidirectional, plastic and contextual. Now, we must fulfill life on our own.
All through development, my mom protected me and my siblings from our lives by removing the toxic perspectives. To stop such, you have to live it first. My second father would abuse my mom, verbally and physically. Throwing her around the room because she was worthless. My sister and I would go to our closet, cry and hope my mom was okay. Fright would run through our bones for our mom, but we knew we were safe. He would come to us after and get us a happy meal to make us forget the chaos.
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I listen to my mind and senses. I am aware of all bodies in the room, but do not focus on them unless needed to. I am careful with what I share to the world as it is not my world, but our world. I emphasize keeping to myself to an unnecessary extent because my existence is too precious. I don’t need someone coming around and stomping on my personal world. I like my world and I am careful with what comes in and out of such. I often think of the people and things that I love. I try to never forget what I have to live for. My family, significant other and friends appreciate me. I need to care of myself, including my thoughts. I wouldn’t want my loved ones to think negatively about themselves. My appreciation turns to acts as I pursue my personality through them. They are the ones who I want to appreciate me to full extent, so I must give them my all. I show them that I would never hurt them and hope my love spreads to their bones so they can fulfill life without …show more content…
I believe it was to save me from what I have experienced. I fell in love with being busy. I became unstable when I was not busy. I infer from the demons that I forgot. I now work on myself to appreciate my surroundings and time that I have on earth. I do not accept any type of harassment or negativity between others. This case only will I intrude. I know what it’s like to not be able to speak up and I will speak up for the situation. There has been a case where I am misguided to thinking I needed to do so, but I felt no shame. I act for a peaceful environment. Those who abuse either were guided to not be sensitive and have been abused themselves, or don’t know what it is to feel bad. I have simple respect for others. I don’t know how they think or feel; all I could do is not make their day worst or make it better. This explains my multidimensional aspect of how I grew from my experience. Not trusting the one I should to protect me, has led me to protect myself and others. I wouldn’t want myself any other way. I love being reliable with trust and care. I have grown the best way I can. I could be as violent as my fathers. I could think that the world is a horrible place and people get what they deserve. I have deep gratitude to my mother for leading me down a path that learns and appreciates joy, and

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