My Daily Life Short Paragraph

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Paragraph on My Daily Life
Question: write a paragraph about “your daily life”. Your paragraph should include the answers to the following question.
When do you get up from bed?
What do you do in the morning?
What is the daily schedule of you studies?
When do you attend madrasah and return home?
What do you do at night?
What do you do no holidays?
Answer: Daily life means the routine of daily activities. I am a student. So i always get up early in the mooring. Then i brush my teeth; wash my get up early in the doming. Then i brush my teeth wash my hands and feet and ‘essay’ my early prayer. I walk in the open air. As a student, study is my main occupation. I make my lessons regularly. I take both at 9.30 a.m. Then i take my meal and start for school. I sit in the first bench in my class and listen to the teachers. I return home at 5 p.m. Then i go to the play ground. I read Up to 10 p.m. Then t take y supper and go to bed. On holidays, i engage my self in making lesson. Sometimes i visit my best friends.

My daily life

Question: write a paragraph on ‘your daily life’ after the following information's:-
What is it?
Activities at morning.
Activities at school.
Activities at night.
Activities at evening.
Answer: my daily life means the routine of my daily activities. I always
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I have a well-designed time table to follow. I got up early in the morning and say my fazar prayer. Then I go out for a walk in the open air and walk for half an hour. Then I come back home and have my breakfast. Next I go to my reading room and put on my school dress. I start for school breaks up at 4 p.m. I come back home straight, take some light Tiffin and then go out for playing. I return home before sunset. After saying my magrib prayer. I go to my reading room and read up to 10 p.m. after that I have my supper with the other members of our family. At last I go to bed at 11 p.m. this well-regulated daily life helps me leading a punctual and disciplined

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