Narrative Essay: The Best Mistake I Ever Made

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The Best Mistake I Ever Made

Since the age of 16 , I have always wanted to make my own money. The first job I ever got was as a customer service in Jcpenney. Even though I wasn't making that much money at that age I thought I was at top of the world. Like all things everything has to come to an end , and for me it was my times at Jcpenney. I needed more money so I could pay for stuff since I was getting older. One week before I turn 18 I got my job at Del Sol Market. I had no idea to what I had gotten myself into.

I still remember the day I got the call. I had been unemployed for about 3 months already and I was applying like crazy but with no luck. To make matters worse , I was giving an ultimatum by parents: Get a job in a month or we’re
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The store policies were something out of a horror movie. I knew something was up during the orientation but I was to naive since my excitement to finally make some decent money overcame my rule of judgement. Once I got settles in the problems started happening. You literally felt like the company was out to get you. Store security was there to see if you were breaking any of the rules and I felt as if I was the world's richest slave since they were paying me. They forced me to work full time and I had asked them if it was ok with part time but they didn't care about my school and I knew I couldn't turn down the job so I was like alright I got this. Worst part is I was working 6 days a week 1 day off. I was still in high school and they wouldn't accept my request for less hours. Their way of thinking was if you don't like the job there's the door! I dealt with their management and continued doing my …show more content…
I was in the middle of the ghetto , third st of Yuma Az. You had the drunks and homeless from the library shopping there for booze. Which they smelt and reeked of piss and just horrible people. You had the drinks from the reservation. I'm not saying all of the that customers shopped there were drunks and homeless but the majority were. 5 days in the new store a drunk homeless man drunk to the top wants me to sell him beer and by Arizona law I'm not allowed to sell to an intoxicated person. The bum then threatened me that he was going to “kick my ass” after work and that's where I almost lost it. I kept my composition and let the drunk just walk away. I hated working there , I hated the bad smell , I hated how most of the workers there didn't even speak English , and I hated how childish they ran this

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