My Mission As A Teacher Essay

892 Words Oct 26th, 2015 4 Pages
My mission as a teacher is to enable students to learn the valuable lessons of history, as well as to flourish and grow holistically. The best way of fulfilling this mission is to create a setting in which the student is surrounded by resources that are intriguing to him. I can achieve this mission through incorporating primary sources and artifacts that will increase curiosity among the class. Introducing new documents will enable students to discover new details and concepts of history, encouraging each student to find the niches in history that are the most intriguing. My role is to train students to learn the historical concepts, mold them into active citizens, and encourage them to become lifelong learners. The drive to learn starts in the classroom. My responsibility is to provide students with artifacts and ideas that will push students to grow and explore. This means relying on the ideas of historians and great leaders, and in this allowing students to decipher and analyze concepts. The teachers role expands beyond simply handing out material, but instructing and evaluating through a variety of intelligences and channels, through which students can best prove what they understand. And though curriculum and standards are essential, I want each student to succeed through individual discoveries that drive for learning outside of the classroom. As knowledge provides the brightest future, the classroom must start this journey. As much as I…

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