Essay on My Memories Of A Basketball Coach

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One of my earliest memories comes from when I was only two years old. Because my dad is a basketball coach, he wanted to make sure he instilled a love for basketball in me. One way he thought he could do that was by taking me to basketball open gym at the high school where he works. One evening I was running up and down the side of the court; grabbing a basketball, taking it back to my seat, and then doing it all over again, when the guys asked my dad to play with them because they needed one more player. My dad thought I would be okay by myself for a while because I had been doing a good job at staying away from the players, so he decided to join the game. My dad regrets his decision to this day. I remember running down the side of the court a good distance away from the players, when in reality I had darted onto the court. The last thing I remember before blacking out was seeing a man much larger than me knocking me over. I remember waking up on my dad’s lap outside on the steps leading to the gym. That was the only time I’ve ever seen my dad cry. He was worried that I was severely hurt and it was all his fault. My mom is still mad at him to this day for not taking me to the emergency room. Luckily, nothing was wrong with me, but it must have made a huge impact on me since I still remember it so well. That was the last time my dad took me to open gym while I was still young.
The next story happened when I was older. My mom, my brother, and I were heading to Illinois to…

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