Essay on The Worst Tv Show On Pbs Kids

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Worse than Bratz

There’s always that one sibling in the family that the other siblings avoid. I believe every family has that one sibling who is a snitch. The brat you can never trust because they can 't keep a secret, even if their life depended on it. That person in my family is me.

Whenever my siblings would try to keep a secret from my parents, they would all leave me in the living room with my little brother to distract me, so I don 't find anything suspicious. This has happened more times then I could remember. There was one time, though, I felt just a little guilt of what I did to them. They were doing the usual, leaving me in the living room to watch Thomas the Train, which in my opinion, is the worst tv show on Pbs Kids. I looked at my little brother and noticed he wasn 't interested in the show either. He was slowly falling asleep. Eyes drooping, yawning and bam he fell asleep. I got up to look for the rest of my siblings, so I could bother them. I noticed they were all huddled together in my aunt 's room. They were plotting something, so I started to listen in on what they were talking about. They noticed I was standing there and one of them shouted “Can I help you”? I can feel their eyes piercing at me. I asked them nicely what they were talking about, but they all started to get up one by one and leave the room. Before they left the room, I heard my older sister whisper to my siblings, “later”. I was pissed they weren 't letting me in on the…

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